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What experience do you have working with small businesses?

The Principal Accountant (Joyce Saint Cyr) has over 35 years in the accounting industry. 13 of those years are in public account, which consists of financial audits, income tax reporting and compliance testing. Joyce worked with regional firms such as Bank of America and Ernest & Young. In 2007, Ms. Saint-Cyr left corporate America to pursue her passion to support the small business community.

What type of income tax returns can you prepare?

    1. Business Income Tax (Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability & Sole Proprietorship)
    2. Individual Income Tax
    3. Non Profit (Form 990)
    4. Gift Tax
    5. Payroll Tax
    6. Property Tax
    7. Sales Tax
    8. ABC Reporting
    9. Business Property Tax

How do you onboard new Bookkeeping clients?

We obtain your Business financial records and upload them into the accounting system.

The amount of data required would be based upon if you currently have some form of record keeping or not.

Are Financial Records necessary?

The Internal Revenue Service states it is a negligence not to have financial records. Besides that, financial records allows you to develop an overall business strategy.

What is the average rate a customer pays for bookkeeping maintenance?

The average customer pays between $312.50 and $437.50 monthly. However, the rate depends on the amount required for your account.

What’s your bookkeeping rate?

We charge $125 per hour. Clients are billed hourly rates during the new client onboarding process or if clients are not on a fixed maintenance plan.

I am a new business – Can you help me get started?

Yes, we can help you established your formal entity with the state and obtain all the regulatory identification numbers required.

How much do you charge to set up a new entity?

The rate is $750. If you want a business seal its an additional fee in the amount of $100.

I am not located in Charlotte NC. Do I have to be physically located in Charlotte for you to be my accountant?

No, we have clients throughout the United States. We offer our out of state and busy clients the option to have virtual meetings.

How do I send you my documents?

Via our secure portal, email and fax.

How do I send you sensitive information?

Visit the website at the upper right side of the website you will see “Client’s Portal”. Click it and upload the document as a guest. The portal is a secured encrypted method to send document. Also, you can fax us at 336.450.4373.

What is Xero? How much is it?

Xero is the cloud-based accounting software, which is approved by the   Xero integrates with over 600+ applications. Xero is $30 per month.

How many locations do you have?

We have two locations

  • Charlotte, North Carolina 980.202.7283 (when prompt hit an extension)
  • Atlanta, Georgia 404.381.1253

How can you help with me with my income tax reporting?

We can review your overall business practice. We can assist with identify valid expenses deduction, while provide you guidance how you much retain the data.

What’s the best way to contact you? How often will we meet?

The best way is to call the office or send an email. WE schedule meetings based upon your needs.

How can you help me grow my business?

Yes, we can provide coaching towards best practices. We also have partnered with reliable vendors who can help with Branding, Website Development, SEO, Marketing Strategies and much more!

Do you provide payroll services?

Yes, we offer quality reliable payroll service. The rate is a Fixed Rate in the amount of $80 plus $5 per person, per month! You can process as many payrolls runs per month.

What if I need help developing my overall business plan/strategy?

We can help identify where you are now, and the steps towards reaching your business and financial goals.

If you have another questions

We are available to help you with your business needs.

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