Diverse Community Partners.

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Diverse Community Partners is a group of professionals providing a partnership with the business sector relating to marketing, branding and business coaching/mentor.

Below is a list of topics (but not limited to) provided by the Diverse Community Partners:

1. Motivational and Inspirational

2. Mental Wellness

3. Metal Wellness and being an Entrepreneur

4. Employer to Employee

5. Transitions (The different transitions we go through)

6. Blue Print To Success

8. Website 101 (What do you need for your website)

9. Social Network

10. Facebook – Twitter and Hoot

11. Overcoming Superwoman Syndrome

12. Overcoming Good Little Girl Syndrome

13. How to find your B.L.I.S.S

14. How to select mentors and synergys with like minded people

15. Success Principle to Live By

16. Entrepreneurship After College

17. Your Books Need To Be In Order (Bookkeeping Needs)

18. Starting A Small Business – The Real Deal

19. Real Estate Investments for Beginners

20. Did someone say Coffee? (What is needed for a coffee shop “restaurant”?)
and much more!

If you are looking to book Ms. Saint-Cyr and/or Diverse Community Partner for your next event, please email event details including compensation scale to PamLinker@www.joycesaintcyr.com.

You can order Joyce Saint-Cyr book called “Starting A Small Business The Real Deal.

Please allow 24 hours for response time to all inquires.

Pam Linker – Personal Assistant to Ms. Joyce Saint Cyr
Email: PamLinker@www.joycesaintcyr.com
Tel: 704 584-9862

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