March 19, 2011 HIV – Have you been tested

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Special Caller: Jeninifer Boateng

Bio: Jennifer Boateng is an educator and intervention provider in the community. At a very young age Jennifer noticed that she had a high interest in HIV/AIDs. With this passion she dedicates her time in the community promoting awareness and advocating for individuals of all cultures to receive information and support related to disease, pregnancy, and relationships. She possesses a BA in Sociology with a concentration in social welfare. She is currently finishing her Master’s in Public Health. She enjoys working with individuals in the community and highlighting needs of the HIV/Aids population. She is working with 3’s Love Inc to improve the community awareness and prevention of STI and HIV/AIDs. She is engaging in an internship at an agency where the focus is on teenage pregnancy and disease prevention. She is conducting presentations for improving teen age knowledge of issues related to healthy relationships

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Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

1. Have you been tested?
2. Do you request your partner to be tested?
3. How is HIV transmitted?
4. What are some symptoms?
5. Where can you get help?

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