March 26, 2011 Heterosexuality – Homosexuality

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Heterosexuality – Homosexuality

When is someone sexual orientation developed? Are you straight but wonder why someone of the same sex approached you? Have you ever heard someone in your family or job identified with the sexual orientation of being gay? How did you feel?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:
1. What is sexual orientation?
2. Is there a different from being Heterosexual or Homosexual?
3. Who has gay/straight tendencies?
4. What is Moral?
5. Who are the best parents?

Guest: Sharika Mc. Fadden has a MA in Counseling and a BA in Psychology. She has several years of experience working with children and families in areas ranging from support services (both in-home and community), foster care, abuse, special education, teaching, counseling, advocacy, parenting workshops, group and family skill-building activities, and one-on-one skill enhancement/therapeutic mentoring.

As a teacher, Ms. McFadden saw the need for students and their families to receive assistance to better understand their rights; to become empowered, and to highlight strengths for academic and behavioral success. As a therapist, she has viewed the devastating effects of traumatic experiences, lack of abilities to bond and poor parenting. Ms. McFadden recognized the need for focus on building individual skills, reconstructing family bonds, and connecting individuals and families to community systems that will provide support and an environment for growth.

Currently, Ms McFadden is conducting research on children perceptions of experiences when being separated from their family of origin, what can reduce separation, and enhance the family relationship as part of academic requirements of the PhD in Psychology dissertation process.

Guest: Delano Squires is a contributor to the Root and a frequent contributor to the award-winning website Black and Married With Kids (BMWK). He is currently a graduate student in Social Policy at the George Washington University. His interests are contemporary African American culture and fatherhood, families, and child development.

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