Hugh Haynie


I came across Joyce on Facebook when I was contemplating starting my own business and did not initially send her an request, she seemingly pop up in my feeds an I eventually added her, the energy she showed in her business intrigued me and I continually followed her. In my initial phone contact with her I exclaimed to her my interest and she spent over 30 minutes giving me advice and I was not even an client, I followed the advice she gave me free, and freely; and then came to another cross road, and figured well Joyce’s advice brought me this far so why not call her. Working with Joyce is like working with a close friend or family member because she demonstrates genuine interest in you like she does her own business she listens to your concerns and gives you plausible solutions I’m glad to have meet her, Joyce is bubbly and easily approachable and accessible, and I would recommend her to anyone considering starting a business.