March 10, 2011 Webinar – Do you want to start a small business?

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Bobbye Brooks Judith Fitzberger

Guests: Bobbye Brooks and Judith Fitzberger>

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Do you want to start a small business? Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself TODAY!

1. Do you have a small business idea that you would love to do?
2. Are you stuck between your job and your dream of owning your own small business?
3. Do you have a great concept for a small business but have no idea where to get started?
4. Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines and not playing in the game?
5. Are you determined to make this year the year that you stop dreaming and start achieving your dreams?

Guest: Bobbye Brooks is co-founder and CEO of Media 4 Women Enterprises, Inc., a California corporation uniquely designed to promote businesses and organizations through strategic marketing and media development. Bobbye also co-founded and is CEO of Cornerstone Managing Partners, a San Diego-based commercial construction and real estate development company. After a successful career in executive healthcare management, Bobbye completed an Executive MBA specializing in entrepreneurial “startup” ventures. With years of leadership and management experience, Bobbye has applied her training and education, along with a personal desire to help others, to launch up several fast growing companies positioned for success, including Media Enterprises and Everything4Women. Along with overseeing these businesses, Bobbye is also an author, speaker, radio host and a frequent guest on television interviews.

Guest: Judith E. Fitzberger Wife, mother, and virtual business administrator to start-ups & entrepreneurs. She is an avid disability awareness advocate. She has an Associate degree in IT-Visual Communications. She is determined that people know they are not alone. She wants to encourage everyone, whether dealing with disabling conditions or not, that they can still dream and have their own business. Her believes individuals with disabilities are important within the community and they can make a difference in the world. She is the owner of AEH Services. AEH Services works with start-ups, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals by providing virtual office management.


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